Funding Opportunities

We have a number of schemes which require either private funding or a combination of bank funding along with equity. Investors can introduce funds along with our own funds which will be used as equity for a mainstream lender. The equity will then be used as an investment in the scheme with a fixed margin and a proportion of development profit. Individual scheme prospectus, cashflow and market analysis are available to view for all developments.

Syndicated Funding

We offer opportunities to invest in many of our schemes allowing investors who want to purely fund schemes an excellent return. Others may wish to be part of a project from the outset and take the opportunity to purchase upon completion at discounted values and to have enjoyed the upturn in the market whilst the project has gone though the planning and construction phase.

We are risk averse and will only develop in areas we are familiar with and where sales are fluid. We offer security to investors by investing our own funds in schemes and can demonstrate scheme viability with a strong degree of confidence and expertise.